To maintain a productive garden it is important to have pollinators present. Pollinators are many and varied including birds, butterflies and most importantly – Bees!!! Bees are many and varied including the European bee which is probably the most common. However there are many other varieties and it was interesting to have a workshop conducted at our community garden on 28th July by Len Kann, a passionate Native bee keeper.

RCG Bee Workshop 002

Len’s passion was ignited when he worked as a plumber for the Brisbane City Council and encountered native bee hives in water meter boxes. He quickly became the council’s go-to person for bee enquiries!

During the workshop participants looked at the species of colonising native bees that are found around the Brisbane area along with some of the solitary species.

RCG Bee Workshop 008RCG Bee Workshop 007

Rochedale Community Garden has its own hive of Tetragonula Carbonaria bees and participants had the opportunity to view the hive structure and see how the bee separate the honey and pollen store from the brood. The participants all completed the workshop and left with sweet tastes in their mouths by sampling 10 different varieties of native bee (sugar bag) honey with all their different varieties!!!

RCG Bee Workshop 021RCG Bee Workshop 020RCG Bee Workshop 004

Enjoy your garden and BEE HAPPY!!!





Plantings Autumn 2013At this time of the year the garden is saying to you “Please organise your autumn garden, now, if you want superb winter vegies!!” The members at Rochedale Community Garden listened to that advice and commenced organising the garden about 6 weeks ago in early April. The garden is now exploding with produce as well as colour!! The first crop of lettuce has been fantastic and the tomato bushes are loaded with an abundant crop!!

Producing explosive crops is all about POSITION, POSITION, POSITION and PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION!! The gardens at Rochedale Community Garden receive full sunlight and are watered on a regular basis by our enthusiastic members. When it comes to preparation Rochedale Community Garden has its own dedicated compost area and this rich compost is dug in to the soil along with other soil nutrients to prepare the gardens well for the plantings.

It is anticipated that the gardens will continue to explode over the coming months rewarding its members with an abundant crop of winter vegies!!

Happy gardening and may your garden keep BOOMING all winter!!!






It is that time of the year again when our members come together and celebrate the festive season!! Our celebration took place on 24th November.


As gardeners we all love to hear the sound of rain falling on our garden except when you you are holding a celebration in the middle of your community garden. The heavy showers didn’t deter our celebrations and the community joined us to enjoy the delights on offer. Whether you were enjoying a coffee in our cafe or a sausage from the barbecue a great time was had by all with the sound of jazz adding to the atmosphere.


We were joined by the Rochedale Girl Guides who distributed pancakes which were made from their recycled fruit tin hotplates! Apart from our craft and plant stalls there were also visitor stalls participating in our celebrations including Inspiration Garden and the Bee Man.

Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from “the man in the red suit” and like last year he arrived on the decorated ride-on mower handing out sweets to the children and the “big” children as well!!


On behalf of all the members at Rochedale Community Garden we wish you the compliments of the festive season and we all look forward to “growing in our community garden” in 2014!






For many the 30th June is the day for stock taking whether you own your own business or are employed where stocktaking is important being the last day of the financial year.

In Rochedale Community Garden the 30th June marks the end of our first year of life! In the last 12 months the garden has grown from a bare patch to a thriving, vibrant “paradise” of colour and produce. Life now thrives in our garden!

The 30th June is an ideal time to take stock of the changes that have occurred in the garden and what better way to celebrate our 1st birthday than to hold an afternoon of celebration in the garden. All are invited to celebrate with our members. There will be a sausage sizzle, live music, cold drinks, plant sales, arts and crafts, home baked goodies and cafe.

Come and celebrate our birthday and you too can take stock of our garden by joining garden information tours.

In the interim take stock of what you can grow in your garden this winter!