To maintain a productive garden it is important to have pollinators present. Pollinators are many and varied including birds, butterflies and most importantly – Bees!!! Bees are many and varied including the European bee which is probably the most common. However there are many other varieties and it was interesting to have a workshop conducted at our community garden on 28th July by Len Kann, a passionate Native bee keeper.

RCG Bee Workshop 002

Len’s passion was ignited when he worked as a plumber for the Brisbane City Council and encountered native bee hives in water meter boxes. He quickly became the council’s go-to person for bee enquiries!

During the workshop participants looked at the species of colonising native bees that are found around the Brisbane area along with some of the solitary species.

RCG Bee Workshop 008RCG Bee Workshop 007

Rochedale Community Garden has its own hive of Tetragonula Carbonaria bees and participants had the opportunity to view the hive structure and see how the bee separate the honey and pollen store from the brood. The participants all completed the workshop and left with sweet tastes in their mouths by sampling 10 different varieties of native bee (sugar bag) honey with all their different varieties!!!

RCG Bee Workshop 021RCG Bee Workshop 020RCG Bee Workshop 004

Enjoy your garden and BEE HAPPY!!!