Rochedale Community Garden is a community organisation and it is always a pleasure to involve the wider community in our organisation. On 16 April 2015 children became involved in learning how to pot up vegetable and flower seeds.

RCG Children's Gardening Workshop                RCG Children's Gardening Workshop2
The children were very attentive and eager to learn the benefits of planting their own seeds. The first planting was a broad bean seed and some of the seeds were very special as they were lasered with insignias and words which will also become evident as the seed rises from the surface of the plant. Each attendee was directed to the potting table where they used recyclable bottles to install the potting mix.

Potting Mix fill with scoops from cordial bottles             Learning how to filla pot with potting Mix

The second pot was planted with Calendula seeds which produce lovely yellow flowers and they were advised that by planting flowers that would attract pollinators to the garden including bees. The interest in bees was highlighted by a visit to our native stingless bee hive at the completion of the potting workshop.

Native bees        Native Bee talk

And of course no children’s workshop would be complete without some fun time in the community garden!!

Tractor1      Swing time fun    Tractor 2