Entitlements, Responsibilities and Rules

The aim of the Rochedale Community Garden is to foster a sense of community and to share the joy of gardening. The following entitlements, resposibilites and rules are published so that everyone involved in the garden has an understanding of what is expected of members.

Responsibilities of all gardeners

  • Respect the garden and its users at all times: use of the garden is a priviledge rather than a right.
  • Practice organic gardening principles – minimise pests and control weeds using biological rather than chemical means.
  • Be wise with water use and follow any water restrictions that are in place.
  • Accept personal responsibility for working safely and to minimise any risks to yourself and to others using the garden.
  • Look after tools and garden equipment, use them safely and wisely and store them as you would like to find them.
  • Bring only clean, safe, organic products onto the site. Any contaminated soil, materials or tools are to be kept clear of the garden.

Additional Responsibilites of Allotment Holders

  • Look after your own allotment, but also be prepared to share your knowledge, skills, tools, seeds, etc and help out other allotment holders.
  • Pay your allotment rental fees annually and in advance.
  • Attend your allotment or arrange to have someone else attend to it at least once a fortnight or risk losing it.
  • Keep your allotment tidy and safe by controlling weeds, removing dead plants and avoiding the use of materials that are tattered, broken, unsightly or dangerous.
  • Join in at least one working bee per month to help maintain the overall site, tools and equipment and to make compost, collect and save seeds, propogate seedlings etc.
  • Maintain the security of all plots, produce, tools and equipment.
  • Give as much (or more) to the garden as you get out of it.

Entitlements of Allotment Holders

  • Access to your allotment at any time during daylight hours.
  • Use of all of the produce from your own allotment.
  • Use of tools and equipment belonging to the Rochedale Community Garden.
  • Access to a fair share of the compost, seedlings and seeds that are produced by the working bees.
  • Access to other inputs that have been purchased, such as mulch, organic fertilizers, at a reduced price.

Rules for Allotment Holders

  • Allotments holders can be individuals, families or any other group of people.
  • Allotments can not be sub-let.
  • Rent of $10 per square metre (or part thereof) per year is payable annually in advance.
  • If rent is in arrears or if an allotment is unattended for more than two months the allotment may be re-allocated. Any pre-paid fees will be forfeited.
  • Allotment holders who are going to be away for holidays or for health reasons should let the co-ordinator know so that a garden buddy can take over the responsibilities for their allotment for the duration of their absence.
  • Allotment holders who wish to install or alter watering or irrigation systems are to discuss these with the co-ordinator prior to conducting the proposed work.
  • Allotment holders who lose or damage tools or equipment other than by normal wear and tear are to replace the damaged tools and equipment.