Plantings Autumn 2013At this time of the year the garden is saying to you “Please organise your autumn garden, now, if you want superb winter vegies!!” The members at Rochedale Community Garden listened to that advice and commenced organising the garden about 6 weeks ago in early April. The garden is now exploding with produce as well as colour!! The first crop of lettuce has been fantastic and the tomato bushes are loaded with an abundant crop!!

Producing explosive crops is all about POSITION, POSITION, POSITION and PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION!! The gardens at Rochedale Community Garden receive full sunlight and are watered on a regular basis by our enthusiastic members. When it comes to preparation Rochedale Community Garden has its own dedicated compost area and this rich compost is dug in to the soil along with other soil nutrients to prepare the gardens well for the plantings.

It is anticipated that the gardens will continue to explode over the coming months rewarding its members with an abundant crop of winter vegies!!

Happy gardening and may your garden keep BOOMING all winter!!!