As we recover from end of year celebrations it is time to start planning the garden for 2014.

With all the hot weather we have experienced in South East Queensland recently it is time to take stock in our garden. How have the Summer plantings coped? If the plants are looking “a bit the worse for wear” then it is time to make the decision to commence preparation for the Autumn plantings.

At Rochedale Community Garden the members will be planning their Autumn plantings in January. Planting green manure crops is on the agenda. This planting will add much needed nitrogen to the soil to produce an abundant crop of vegetables over Autumn and Winter. Other nutrients including compost will also be added to the soil.

Keep checking our website to find out the condition of the plants!

You know when the festive season comes to an end when the Santa hats on the scarecrows are replaced by old caps!!

Happy Planting!!