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Botanical Name

Abelmoschus manihot

Common Name/s

Pele (Polynesia), Aibika (PNG), or Ailan Kapis (Vanuatu)


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Plant Description

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The World Health Organisation recommends it as a good first vegetable for babies. This is, because the young shoots and leaves contain very little fibre, so it is easy to digest. There are also records from Papua New Guinea which show that bele medicines are used for rashes, constipation, colds and sore throats and childbirth fertility medicines.


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Care and Feeding

It is ideal as a vegetable for home gardens since it needs very little care – though it does better with some manure and weeding.


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Nutritional Information

Its leaves have a high nutritional value.The protein content of the leaves is very high – 5%. It also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, as well as significant amounts of iron. So it will make a valuable addition to any diet.

Companion Planting

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