At this time of the year as gardeners we can experience days catergorised as sizzlers!! With the high temperatures this can restrict the time we can we spend on our gardening duties. The opportune times to perform our gardening duties is either early morning or late afternoon or both if you have the time.

Recently, members of Rochedale Community Garden came together to experience another type of sizzler. On 8th February Bunnings Underwood provided the space and equipment to Rochedale Community Garden to provide a Sausage Sizzle to Bunnings’ customers. The response from the customers was overwhelming! The number of times the question “Would you like onion with that?” was incredible! Needless to say that at the end of the day there were very tired members but all very happy with the day’s results!

A big thankyou to Bunnings Underwood for their generosity in providing the space and equipment to our community organisation!!