Task list

The following is a list of tasks which have been identified as needing to be completed within the foreseeable future.

Site general

  • Sun protected covered area for gardener social interaction with tables and chairs
  • Install a composting toilet

Membership / Administration

  • ¬†Setup PayPal to allow online workshop registrations and payments

Fundraising / financial

  • Secure on-going business sponsorship for decidated sponsored garden beds.¬† Currently $100 per year – with a garden bed built to mirror the sponsor’s business eg a Meat Pie garden for a pie shop, a Tree shape for a Garden Centre.


  • Make compost tumblers
  • Finish making stage 1 community garden beds
  • Improve community garden bed soil through composting, worm castings and fallowing.
  • Access water for drinking
  • Build chicken tractor to allow chickens to roam over garden beds