Build a Wicking Bed
Saturday 23 February 2013 3:00pm

When: Saturday 23 February 2013 – 3:00 – 4:30PM

Style: Hands on Workshop – participant must be prepared to get their hands dirty

How great would it be if you only needed to water your vegie garden once a week? AND it stayed perfectly watered in between times?  The answer is to install a simple wicking reservoir under part or all of your veg garden.

Come and learn how to install a wicking reservoir into a new garden bed or retrofit one into an existing garden.  It is so simple to do and uses mostly recycled bits and pieces.  If you can dig a hole you can make one.

Most wicking bed information currently available show extremely complicated versions of wicking beds.

During this workshop you will learn a simple way that you can use on any garden, and will be as effective or even more effective than the complicated version.  You can even install them on garden beds that are not raised.  You will also learn how to create a wicking reservoir for a fruit tree or a special group of plants.

With a wicking reservoir your garden will:

  • grow better
  • be well watered with far less work
  • be well watered with less water and
  • not need complicated irrigation systems

Notes on the workshop information will be provided to participants.

This is a hands-on workshop (no bystanders please), so come prepared with your gardening clothes, water, gloves, hat, spade and/or shovel.  Bring along some afternoon tea as there will be a short smoko break.

This workshop is being run by Carolyn Collins of Turner’s Garden Centre.

Bookings are essential and payment confirms your booking.  Cost is $15 and can be paid  via PayPal (with visa or mastercard).

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If the weather is bad the workshop will be postponed.  If you are unsure on the day check this website for an update or contact Carolyn Collins on 0415115246.

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 25 persons.

Simple Wicking Bed with worm feeder