Build Your Own Worm Farm – Workshops by Appointment


Style: Hands on Workshop – participants must be prepared to get their hands dirty


How great would it be if you could convert your kitchen scraps to liquid gold?  Divert them from landfill?  Create FREE garden (and potting mix) soil improver?  All done simply, and in minutes per week?  The answer is to install a simple worm farm.

Come and build your own worm farm, and learn how to take care of the worms: what to feed them, where to house them, how to keep them healthy, troubleshooting tips if your worms haven’t flourished in the past, and how to use the fertiliser to boost your soil.   It’s simple.  It’s easy.  And best of all, it gets the kids (and grandkids) involved and learning

Most worm farms are expensive.  But they don’t need to be.  Learn this simple and cheap method for creating your own styrofoam worm farm and take it home, with a starter kit of worms.  The worms alone will cost you $50 elsewhere!  Come to this workshop and you get the worm farm, advice and notes for free!  GREAT VALUE.

With your own worm farm at home, your garden soil and potting mix will:

  • hold moisture for longer
  • be well fertilised for FREE
  • increase its organic matter
  • be more resistent to pests as the plants will be stronger.

Worm farms are also great pets (which can manage being left at home for a month while you’re on holidays).  They are easy for young children to feed and tend to and are a great way to introduce children to the importance of caring for the environment.

Notes on the workshop information will be provided to participants.

This is a hands-on workshop (no bystanders please), so come prepared with your gardening clothes, water, gloves and hat.

Bookings are essential and payment confirms your booking.  Cost is $50 which gets you a worm farm to take home, and a starter kit of worms.  Bring your family along to enjoy the fun, or up to four friends can be included in this price (one worm farm per booking). Payment can be made via PayPal (with visa or mastercard).  To confirm a time for your workshop contact Maryanne on  or 0424 548 371.

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This workshop is limited to a maximum of 25 persons.